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Contingency Measures Covid-19

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Reservations and Cancellation Policy

Reservation control for a maximum occupancy of 75%.

It is requested for guests to send their identification details at the time of booking, in order to facilitate the check-in process and guarantee the requirements for their stay.

In case of booking cancellation due to Corona Virus and restrictions associated with COVID-19, a voucher will be issued to be used until the end of 2021, provided that we are informed up to 48 hours before the check-in day.

We encourage all guests to consider postponing their stay in case they experience any of the symptoms associated with COVID-19.


Arriving at Luz Charming Houses

The access is exclusive to guests (visitors / passers-by will not be allowed).

Body temperature of all guests will be measure upon arrival. Whoever has a temperature above 38,0ºC, will not be able to stay / permanence.

Please contact the reception before any access to Mother House; we privilege the contact by the phone available in the room or the personal cell phone, through written messages (whatsapp or other platform).


During your Stay

Mandatory usage of mask in all common interior areas.

Daily measure of body temperature to ensure it remains lower than 38,0ºC.

Alcohol gel dispensers available in all common areas.

Check-in, check-out and any other interaction with the reception team will be done in an exclusively manner. We ask all guests to inform us of their arrival and departure times, in order to avoid crowds at the Mother House.

Availability of personal protective equipment for all guests in case it’s needed.


Cleaning and Disinfection Service

Reinforcement of cleaning and disinfection procedures for all accommodation units and common areas.

Reinforcement of cleaning and disinfection measures, throughout the day, on various surfaces, with a special focus on points of high contact.

Use of hospital hygiene products to clean spaces.

Whenever possible, retention of accommodation units for a minimum period of 24 hours between guests.

Cleaning service team properly protected with specific personal protective equipment (mask and / or visor, gloves and disposable gown).

Reinforced care in handling and washing textiles, such as sheets and towels.


Food & Beverage Service

Reduction of the restaurant's capacity in order to guarantee the safety distance.

Scheduling of meals to control the number of customers simultaneously in the room.

Food and beverage teams with adapted service and protected with specific individual equipment in order to guarantee all security measures.

Adpated buffet breakfast service.

Between each usage, all areas used by guest during their meal will be cleaned and disinfected.

Room Service available at additional fee.


Other Spaces and Services

Daily cleaning of the hermitage, cave and other common areas.

The pool water treatment is already equipped, by default, with a specific disinfectant, so its use is perfectly safe. We advise a maximum of 4 people in the pool. The usage of ludic collective equipment is not permited.

All other services available will have strict hygiene rules, namely the massage service that will be available.


In case of suspected COVID-19

Our entire team is able to support our guests in situations of suspicion or confirmation of COVID-19.

Secured isolation area is guaranteed, as well as “support kit” for guests in need.

Implementation of specific disinfection measures for all spaces in case of suspicion or confirmation of a COVID-19 case in an employee or customer.


Our Team

All teams have been trained on new procedures to face this new reality.

Daily monitoring of temperature to assess the fever and / or symptoms of all employees.

Employees have a uniform and an individual safety kit that is mandatory to use during all working hours.

Reduction in the number of employees per area.


External Suppliers and Services

Suppliers have a prevention and contingency plan.

Safety procedures applied in the treatment and storage of the delivered goods.

All non-essential external services are temporarily interrupted.