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Our little village is surrounded by a very special garden with some fruit trees, oaks, olive trees, holm oaks and other wild species of this region, each one meticulously planted in the most perfect way: by the hand of Mother Nature!

Walking in this piece of paradise, you will find messages that challenge you to explore the village and its surroundings, absorbing all the energy that nature has to offer.

In our Threshing-floor, on the ancestral stone, relax, look at the stars, smell the oaks around you, or take two steps to take a dip in our swimming pool. On other occasions it is the stage for dances, concerts, and meditation or yoga classes.

Our Haystack recreates the memories and hard lives of shepherds, farmers and villagers of Fátima but especially, of the gatherings, the  comunity and the way these people, in their simple existence, found in labour and in connection with family, neighbours and friends, the most simple and pure joy and happiness.

The Pool, an odd piece of architecture carved in stone – inspired by the old water retention tanks in the mountain ranges – with the relaxing effect of purified water where you can let yourself be enveloped by a “serrano” summer.

Open your heart and let the Light enfold and illuminate you, rediscovering your natural balance and full serenity!

In our natural Cave we favor aromatherapy and an herbal medicine, using our local flora, passed from generation to generation. Let yourself be surprised by the surroundings and the magic of the cave gracefully created by nature. Feel the energy and vibration the natural cave gracefully lines up in unison and in balance with the universe.

In the enchanted garden you can start a Meditation Path that will make you feel, think, free yourself and smile. The path ends in a magical place: an Hermitage where the scenery changes with the seasons and where you can be born again and find your inner light.

We challenge you to find just one word that describes your experience and to share it with us near the fireplace or hang it in our “tree of the senses”.

The Hermitage, a beautiful place of contemplation and meditation, is also stage to small but very emotional intimate events. It can host events such as intimate concerts for the soul and small private ceremonies, welcoming and full of good energy, where you can have some of the best moments of your life.

Wandering around the village, exploring our garden, you will find the Sheep Shelter that you can visit.

Our Cistern was a mandatory stop for many shepherds, to eat lunch or give water to their sheep. Here we keep secrets that only can be revealed in person! The terrace overlooking the cistern is now the meeting point where everyone gets together for a spring snack with lemonade or a warm winter tea, with a knitted blanket to warm your soul.

In our wood-fired oven we make some delicacies, prepared according to local, traditional recipes. You can also join our workshops and learn how to make bread and cakes as they used to.

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