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Portugal has the most beautiful beaches in the world. Some of them, very close to us.
Fishing villages, live customs, fresh fish, giant waves and surf or simply a refreshing swim among unique landscapes are some experiences you can feel while visiting us.
  • Nazaré Beaches

    Nazaré Beaches

    Nazaré is considered the most typical Portuguese beach, famous for its narrow sinuous streets where street sellers echo, and yet the seven skirts of Nazarene women can be found, still with original costumes as before.
    Throughout the twentieth century, Nazaré has progressed from a fishing village to a town dedicated to tourism, being one of the first points of international tourist interest in Portugal.
    Today, talk of Nazareé also means talking about the surf because it was on the beach that North Garret McNamara reached the world record for the largest wave ever ridden in 2013 with 30 meters.

    Distance from Luz Houses
    . By car 53,5km/45min
    GPS_ 39.599874, -9.070637 Site_ https://www.centerofportugal.com/pt/poi/praias-da-nazare/
  • Pedrógão Beach, LEIRIA

    Pedrógão Beach, LEIRIA

    The region has a large number of picturesque beaches, some more cosmopolitan, others more in tradition.

    The beach of Pedrógão, such as the beach of Vieira, reflect the ancient art of fishing on typical boats, or in their own costumes for women. The very product of the work is reason to visit a gastronomic dish garnished well as seafood rice or a rich stew.

    Distance from Luz Houses
    . By car 55km/62min
    GPS_ 39.922996,-8.951646 Site_ https://www.visiteleiria.pt/pontos-de-interesse/patrimonio-natural/praia-do-pedrogao/
  • Osso da Baleia  Beach, POMBAL

    Osso da Baleia Beach, POMBAL

    The name of this beach, located at Carriço’s villages in the municipality of Pombal, comes from the beginning of the XX century due to the appearance of a whale skeleton that, according to oral testimony, has given to the Coast at the beach.
    Wooden walkways indicate the way to the perfect location of a piece of coast in full National Forest, which keeps in itself a little paradise of nature. The beach is in full national forest and is the perfect place for those who enjoy long walks on the sand. This beach is also very popular for fishing, bodyboarding, surfing and the practice of beach volleyball.

    Distance from Luz Houses
    . By car 68,8km/53min
    GPS_ 40.043110, -8.895226 Site_ https://www.cm-pombal.pt/praias/
  • São Pedro de Moel beach, MARINHA GRANDE

    São Pedro de Moel beach, MARINHA GRANDE

    Characteristic for its cosmopolitan and aristocratic air, is an elegant resort. Land of poets, has always been linked to the actual Pinhal de Leiria that surrounds and protects. Walls of Victory, Madeiros Water and Polvoeira, quiet beaches and also in constant contact with the National Forests.

    Distance from Luz Houses
    . By car 46,9km/40min
    GPS_ 39.755769, -9.032855 Site_ https://www.guiadacidade.pt/pt/poi-praia-de-sao-pedro-de-moel-14441
  • Vieira Beach, MARINHA GRANDE

    Vieira Beach, MARINHA GRANDE

    A soft sandy beach, iodized sea, tonic and silver waves to the desire of freshness and sport.

    Praia da Vieira is extensive and decorated with long oars boats and tapered bows, sometimes bordered by low and simple houses, sometimes accompanied by soft dunes where it has long been established the Pinhal de Leiria history.

    Distance from Luz Houses
    . By car 53,8km/47min
    GPS_ 39.873757, -8.970095 Site_ https://www.guiadacidade.pt/pt/poi-praia-da-vieira-14446
  • Atlantic Road - Nazaré Beach to Vieira Beach

    Atlantic Road - Nazaré Beach to Vieira Beach

    The Atlantic Road is characterized by a remarkable natural beauty: the ongoing "green" provided by Pinhal de Leiria and national forests, the cliffs and beaches and small here existing urban centers make this coastal area a tourist resource of undeniable interest.