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Facilities & Services


  • 1 Master suite
  • 2 Superior suites
  • 3 Standard suites
  • 2 Double superior deluxe rooms
  • 7 Double superior rooms (1 double superior room adapted for people with reduced mobility)
  • Restaurant & Bar service
  • Room-service
  • Picknick basket
  • Grocery and Crafts store
  • Massages, teatments ans wellness in a natural cave
  • The Old School - Digital Meeting Room
  • Hermitage and other event areas
  • Heated outdoor pool & intimate Deck
  • Kiosk Bar & threshing-floor lounge
  • Free Parking
  • Free Wi-Fi throughout the hotel
  • Bicycles, subject to availability and rental fee
  • Laundry
  • Babysitting
  • Transfers

Smoking is prohibited in all enclosed spaces of the hotel.

Book your stay Best price guarantee and exclusive offers.


Luz Houses is the result of a sweet love and the desire to build a special and unique place! Here, every house has a story, each tree keeps a secret and every stone invites us to get lost where the past, present and future play with each other in harmony. Inspired by the traditional architecture of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, the small village is hidden in a mystical forest where, on clear nights, we can hear the echo of the songs of Fátima's Shrine.

Here we stroll unhurriedly, on meditative and leisurely walks, we return to the past and we play marbles and the spinning top. On the walls, we look for messages and, in the middle of the garden, you may find a small cave that awakens your sences. The return to our origins, the whisper of the leaves kissed by the wind and the secrets so well kept, make this unique heaven the perfect place to find balance between body, mind and soul.

To keep this reclusive atmosphere, Luz Houses keeps a stern policy of being exclusive for the use of its’ guests. Previous scheduling is required for visits regarding stays or events.


«Tourism favors Man's contact with nature and cultures, promotes the appreciation of environmental resources and presents the beauties of creation as a common heritage of the whole human family.» Pope John Paul II.

Trusting our values and believing in a peaceful coexistence with the world around us, we have built our village inspired by nature and respecting it, a sacred place where we want to return to culture and tradition, always believing that unity is strength.

We want to offer you an authentic experience. Therefore, we have created partnerships with local businesses so you can taste the typical jams and sweets of the region, smell the warm bread in the morning and buy souvenirs made by the very hands of those who live there.

As we take care of our Mother House, we also take care of Mother Nature. We like to work surrounded by green woods, hearing the whistles of sparrows and falling in love only by breathing in the fresh air and the wonderful smell of the earth.

We dedicate some days and hours to take care of our trees and flowers and, from time to time, we bring new inhabitants to create a more colourful garden. We are proud to have a composed circuit that helps us grow our little paradise.

We believe in illuminating the soul, but also in saving electricity. Using LED technology, Luz Houses invested in low consumption lighting. Go for an evening walk and discover how many stars the sky has and how many fireflies are hidden in the corners of our village.

A symbol of purification and the origin of life, water is one of our most valuable treasures. So, we started to use rainwater to reduce the water flow from taps and installed cisterns with a dual flushing system to avoid unnecessary waste.

And because sometimes the secret is in the roots, we insulated our homes with a super thermal brick that, combined with the thickness of the walls, maintains a pleasant indoor temperature all year. Furthermore, we invested in smart AC so you never feel uncomfortable and created ecotrees that support solar panels for heating water.

Finally, we challenge our guests to follow our small ecological footprints by recycling and warning awareness raising actions.