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Dare to venture into one of the best kept secrets.
Be dazzled by the plateaus of the Serra D’Aire mountain, get lost in it, rediscover lost villages and immerse yourself in some of the most beautiful river beaches.
  • PNSAC - Natural Park of  Serra de Aire and Candeeiros

    PNSAC - Natural Park of Serra de Aire and Candeeiros

    With an approximate area of 35,000 hectares, the Natural Park of Serra de Aire and Candeeiros is a remarkable natural space, designed in limestone body of quiet and majestic scenery of the mountains that line following the Estremadura Limestone Massif and has the Serra de Aire, Sierra of Candeeiros and in the highlands of the Sierra de Santo António, their biggest reliefs and its finer privileged area for the practice of sports under the Nature Tourism.
    Site_ www.icnf.pt
  •  “Pia do Urso”  village, SÃO MAMEDE

    “Pia do Urso” village, SÃO MAMEDE

    This local is full of history. Pia do Urso Village offers visitors a truly breathtaking natural landscape, where you can also enjoy the magnificent restoration work of the typical houses of this mountain region, where stone and wood are constituted as the main materials used.
    This restored village, is also installed the first ECOPARQUE SENSORY for the Blind of Portugal. An innovative concept, which aims to take up these citizens the possibility of the seizure of the environment around them using, for this purpose, the other senses, especially touch and smell. "

    Distance from Luz Houses
    . By car 7,4km/13min
    . Walking 5,7km/1h14min

    Address_ Portela das Cruzes, São Mamede, Batalha
    GPS_ 39.597285, -8.716269 Site_ www.cm-batalha.pt


    Discovered in 1971 by two hunters who were chasing a fox, this magnificent cave has a visitable extension of 350 meters by 9 galleries at a depth of 45 meters below the entrance quota.

    Distance from Luz Houses
    . By car 3,4km/6min
    . Walking 3,3km/41min

    Address_ Largo das Grutas da Moeda, 2495-028 São Mamede
    GPS_ 39.624248, -8.705252 Site_ www.grutasmoeda.com/
  • Buraco Roto,  SÃO MAMEDE

    Buraco Roto, SÃO MAMEDE

    It is a cave that is located in the Plateau of São Mamede, in the Parish of Reguengo do Fetal. It’s a type of erosion that in winter becomes a water source.

    It is considered of great archaeological interest, given the traces found there, that indicate that it has served as a shelter for hominids and funeral ritual deposition dating from the late Bronze Age.

    Distance from Luz Houses
    . By car 11,4km/15min
    GPS_ 39.640101, -8.762982 Site_ www.cm-batalha.pt
  • Living Science Center from Alviela – ALCANENA

    Living Science Center from Alviela – ALCANENA

    This is an area of science and technology integrated in the National Network Live Science Centres where you can travel the Estremadura Limestone Massif over 175 million unravel underground pathways of water to 3D or "put yourself in the shoes" of a bat are some examples of the experiences offered to visitors.

    Distance from Luz Houses
    . By car 36,8km/33min 

    Address_ Praia Fluvial dos Olhos de Água do Alviela, Louriceira, 2380-450 Alcanena
    GPS_ 39.445469, -8.710588 Site_ www.alviela.cienciaviva.pt
  • Seiça Riverside, OURÉM

    Seiça Riverside, OURÉM

    The Seiça Ribeira/Riverside is a small stream that is born in the County of Ourem and flows into the River Nabão.

    Apart from the beautiful forest that surrounds it, here we can find a very rare kind of lamprey - Lampetra planeri - only in 4 places on the planet we can do so, and 3 of these are here located in the municipality of Ourém, and the other in Spain, Olabidea river.

    Distance from Luz Houses
    . By car 23,6km/24min
    GPS_ 39.674944, -8.524176
  • Moimento Quarries, FÁTIMA

    Moimento Quarries, FÁTIMA

    Was also here that most of the stone to build the Shrine was extracted.

    In this natural area we can still find traces of the work then, and it is even noticeable different techniques used for extraction of the stone.

    Distance from Luz Houses
    . By car 1,3km/3min
    . Walking 1,3km/5min
    GPS_ 39.616602, -8.682696
  • fórnea, PORTO DE MÓS

    fórnea, PORTO DE MÓS

    Fórnea, as its name implies, is a pronounced amphitheater-like retreat from a low zone into a limestone plateau. Apart from the scientific explanation, the locals call it, up to the present day, from Horn due to its shape that resembles an oven. The designation of Fórnea comes from the scientific explanation of the natural formation of this depression.

    The erosion caused by the rains and the spring waters created an impressive natural scenery. Thus, its shape resembles a huge collapse of the earth's crust beginning at Chão das Pias - Serro Ventoso - and descending to Alcaria.

    Inserting itself in the Natural Park of the Sierras de Aire and Candeeiros, in addition to the beauty inherent in its form, the Fórnea is also enriched by the nature that surrounds it.

    Distance from Luz Houses
    . By car 25Km/35min
    GPS_ 39.558656, -8.805757 Site_ https://www.municipio-portodemos.pt/pages/1395?poi_id=272
  • Mira de aire´s caves, MIRA D'AIRE

    Mira de aire´s caves, MIRA D'AIRE

    Considered one of the 7 wonders of Portugal, located in the Sierra de Mira de Aire, about 20 minutes from Lus Houses.

    The erosion caused by water in the basement created, over millions of years, wells and underground galleries, where large amounts of water flows would have passed-through, leaving now beautiful caves with spectacular stalactites and stalagmites to admire.

    The temperature inside the caves, is on average 18 ° C. According to the "Inventory of Caves of Portugal", the Portuguese Speleological Society, in the parish of Fatima we can find a concentration of 43 caves of the 53 mentioned in this inventory.

    Distance from Luz Houses
    . By car 14,5km/21min
    . Walking 13km/2h39min

    Address_ Av. Dr. Luciano Justo Ramos nº 470, 2485-050 Mira de Aire
    GPS_ 39.540231, -8.704463 Site_ www.grutasmiradaire.com
  •  alvado´S CAVES, ALVADOS

    alvado´S CAVES, ALVADOS

    The Alvados Caves stand out from the continuous corridors that open unexpectedly in small rooms uneven and several natural lakes, in addition to its numerous tunnels interrupted by deep "algares" characteristic in the region.

    Distance from Luz Houses
    . By car 19,4km/26min
    GPS_ 39.53713, -8.7422 Site_ www.grutasalvados.com
  • Agroal – Nature Park, OURÉM

    Agroal – Nature Park, OURÉM

    The Agroal is a small beach area on the banks of the Rio Nabão, whereas a seaside structure was built, where naturally mineralized cold water comes out, considered thermal and healing of skin diseases.

    Recently reclassified a Mediterranean garden was built, where zone characteristics plant species were identified by an interpretation center Agroal and High Nabão. Picnic and camping areas are also available.

    Distance from Luz Houses
    . By car 10,6km/15min
    . Walking 10,5km/2h10min
    GPS_ 39.679161, -8.436250 Site_ https://visitfatima.pt/en/region/agroal-nature-park/
  • Polje of Mira-Minde

    Polje of Mira-Minde

    The polje of Mira-Minde separates the Sierra of Sto. Antonio from Serra d’Aire. It is 4000 meters long and 1800 meters at its widest point, reaching a depth of 8 meters.

    The poljes occur in limestone geology of areas where erosion over geological time has already considerable "damages". Being a fairly soluble rock, limestone creates networks of underground galleries, caves and grottos in between.

    During winter, when there are longer periods of rain and higher amount of water flow, the lands are filled with water making a large lake, so it has a very unique biodiversity.

    Distance from Luz Houses
    . By car 16,3km/31min
    GPS_ 39.54, -8.718889 Site_ www.minde.eu
  • Jurassic Trail, BAIRRO

    Jurassic Trail, BAIRRO

    The oldest track of dinosaur footprints in the Iberian Peninsula.

    In the "Quarry Chicken", you can see the marks left by the largest creatures that ever lived on this planet.

    Distance from Luz Houses
    . By car 12,1km/14min
    . Walking 12km/2h21min

    Address: Estrada de Fátima, Bairro, Ourém
    GPS_ 39.559958, -8.585202 Site_ www.pegadasdedinossaurios.org
  • Jurassic Viewpoint, aLQUEIDÃO DA SERRA

    Jurassic Viewpoint, aLQUEIDÃO DA SERRA

    It is a monument to the Jurassic period, situated at 500m altitude, while enjoying a breathtaking landscape.

    Distance from Luz Houses
    . By car 9,2km/15min

    Address_ Alqueidão da Serra, Batalha
    GPS_ 39.613722, -8.761060 Site_ www.municipio-portodemos.pt
  • Leiria Pine Forest

    Leiria Pine Forest

    Pine forest with an area of about 12 000 hectares, began to be sown in the reign of King Afonso III later intensified during the reign of King Dinis - King Labrador.

    Besides serving as a barrier against the advance of sand, had the utmost importance in the use of their timber for the construction of the ships that provided the Portuguese Maritime Discoveries.
    Site_ www.turismodocentro.pt